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Healthbase provides a new level of transparency and accuracy to the healthcare market

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Healthbase is a joint offering from and

Helping life sciences companies maximize commercial value

New product launch

Assess the market opportunity for new products

Design more intelligent, targeted product launch strategies

Sales force effectiveness

Optimize your sales force structure, size, and deployment

Improve sales execution through better customer segmentation and targeting

Market access

Identify the levers of control that influence payors and providers

Develop compelling real world evidence in support of your product

Detailed HCO insights

Increase your understanding of IDNs and ACOs

Map decision making dynamics between health systems and physicians

Advanced algorithms for better data


Using all available public data as well as 12B+ private pharma and medical claims, Healthbase has the most complete dataset in the industry with over 99% coverage of all HCOs and HCPs


Healthbase’s automated approach detects changes involving health systems, hospitals and physicians much earlier than traditional vendors that rely on manual processes


Healthbase offers multiple data delivery methods: database exports, flat files, intuitive UI-driven web app and a powerful graph database


Healthbase is a purpose-built graph database which maps interconnections between entities, enabling powerful new analyses with ease


Health systems

Comprehensive, real-time intelligence and profiles on all IDNs in the US



Analytics on over 1500 Accountable Care Organizations, and 228 HIEs and CINs



Information on all US hospitals including detailed Clinical and Financial metrics



Office locations, procedure volumes, and affiliations on over 1.8 million practitioners


Physician groups

Detailed profiles on over 223,600 physician groups including locations and specialties



Metadata and metrics for Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Seamless data delivery