Healthcare analytics demands better data

By leveraging big data sets and purpose built machine-learning algorithms, Healthbase delivers cleaner, deeper data

Maps affiliation complexity

Using public data, over 12B medical and pharma claims and machine learning technology, Healthbase renders a far more accurate picture of the healthcare network than legacy offerings.

Armed for the first time with a correct map of entities and physicians, analytics findings and commercial strategies are simply better.

Computes affiliation strength

Healthbase’s novel automated technology-driven approach can map not only the HCOs and HCPs and the links between them but also the strength and nature of the relationships, all in real-time

The ability to see beyond simple ownership and physician employment relationships delivers a more powerful set of tools for understanding the realities of your market.

TA-based segmentation

With a comprehensive trove of RWD data captured in the data asset, Healthbase can provide insights on HCOs and HCPs specific to a TA.

HCOs and HCPs behave differently in many cases dependent upon the specific TA of interest and Healthbase is built to answer your questions at the TA level


Complete data

Detailed clinical, financial and quality metrics on all HCOs

Score-based affiliations

A more accurate and quantitative approach to rendering the complex healthcare network

Best-in-class IDN profiling

See the true structure of the health system, not an simple parent-child tree

Therapeutic Area (TA) lens

Segment HCOs and HCPs based on their behavior in specific diagnosis area

Alerts, events

Automatically track all compelling business events that take place on a daily basis in the healthcare industry

Data append

Direct mapping to your internal data using unique identifiers, not messy name-based matching

Flexible delivery

Use data in the form factor that works best for your business needs


Healthbase’s auto-refresh technology detects changes when they occur and propagates the latest information into the database

Access data that transforms your commercial strategy

Arm your market access and sales teams with data that's accurate, relevant and analytics ready. Connect with us to get know more about how Healthbase can help your organization.

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