Billions of data points analyzed

By leveraging big data sets and purpose built machine-learning algorithms, Healthbase delivers accurate and unique insights. Data that drives advanced analytics.

Limitations of legacy data solutions

The US Healthcare market is more dynamic and turbulent than ever before. With 1000+ M&A events happening every year and millions of physicians in action, keeping track of this complicated system in motion is a big challenge.

Traditional industry techniques can't keep up with this rate of change anymore. The manual methods of yesteryear, still relied upon heavily by all incumbent data providers, create significant inaccuracies resulting in missing or stale, erroneous data.

Healthbase platform: Harnessing big data

Healthbase is the industry's first self-updating, real-time n-dimensional data graph that monitors nearly 100% of all HCOs and HCPs and their respective affiliations in the US.

Machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology power the data graph's engine as it scours billions and billions of data points from both public data silos as well as private pharmaceutical and medical claims.

By using substantially more relevant raw data as an input and combining it with very powerful algorithmic cross referencing, Healthbase is demonstrably better than any other legacy offering on the two dimensions of merit that matter most: comprehensiveness and accuracy.


Medical and pharmacy claims from 2012 - present


US patients visible to Healthabase (year-on-year)


Tax filings analyzed to identify entity relationships


Affiliations derived between HCPs and HCOs


Unique data elements tracked for healthcare entities

Querying capabilities using Healthbase’s graph-based structure

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